Service Repertoire
HR and training Consulting ( HR & T)

The  success of any organisation is  to have human capital with right attitude. We bring out the best from the candidates by mentoring , identifying and developing their capabilities through ideal tailor made training modules .Also support recruitment process. Sent your resumes at


Statutory/Internal/Operations Audit ( IA)

Apart from assistance in being fully legally compliant organization, our risk based approach to internal and operational audit help the corporate to be pro-active. Also undertakes cost audits statutory and enterprise specific audits


Legal Consulting

We advise our clients with the prevailing law of the land and latest decisions across the world. Our “Zero ” tolerance approach to legal compliance assists our clients to uphold enterprise governance


Business Process Outsourcing( BPO)/Knowledge Process Outsourcing ( KPO)

We undertake the responsibility of executing the outsourcing needs of the business and knowledge process of our clients with clinical precision. We let our client to focus on their key activities, while we handle their routine activities at optimum cost. Service portfolio extends to all commercial functions.


Real estate and infrastructure consulting(RE&I)

RE&I essentially recommends the appropriate real estate and infrastructure designs for our clients. We forecast the requirements of our clients and advises the state of the art design and technology which is applied globally.


Accounting and Finance Management Services

Undertake all types of accounting and finance management services for clients. These include working capital studies, project analysis and reports, supplementing financing decisions with appropriate analysis .Also proficient in installation of accounting, costing and integrated systems


Fraud Management Services
Help clients in identifying frauds and pilferages in functional areas with specific investigations and analysis .Can extend customized services as per client requirements


Indirect Taxation Services
Helps clients in statutory compliances, tax audits, maintenance of statutory records. Regular updation of statutory changes and appropriate legal support where need be


Commercial & Admn Function support
Helps in implementation of ideal commercial systems to bring in commercial discipline and compliances. Appropriate functional analysis for improvisation of systems to prevent frauds ,revenue leakages and thereby optimize operational costs. Areas include procurement , logistics, administration,laisoning (all levels),stores management and indirect taxation


Other Functional services
Can extend support in identifying ideal consultants for other specific areas like marketing, labour relations and all such types of services


Professional Service

Timely service support

Quality inputs for enterprise excellence

Professional guidance in improvisation of systems and processes

Adherence to legal and statutory compliance

Committed online service support