BBS Plus advises the clients on the right strategies for pricing of products based on a current cost models . We also do give solutions based on a futuristic approach. Advice on the right product mix for profit optimisation vis a vis the market realities is also offered.



Optimisation of costs is an area of expertise of the firm. Cost reduction is a myth and cost optimisation is a reality . BBS believes that cost optimisation is the right approach rather than unscrupulous cost reduction .For this, the firm offers right kind of solutions by working out the optimum cost models ,options for outsourcing and also by studying alternatives



ABC is the mantra for operational efficiency. BBS offers specific studies directed on activity based approach .ABC goes beyond traditional cost allocation. It involves identifying and modelling the complexity of cost drivers and linking them around product, service,or customer-creation activities.



With transparency becoming increasingly relevant in the current business scenerio, BBS offers specific tailor made compliance audit process for manufacturing and service sectors. This is important for the owner from the point of view of risk mitigation.



BBS Plus has the right mix of professionals with functional expertise in all Commercial, Financial and Banking operations. The experience spans manufacturing and service sectors. Having worked with some of the leading corporate giants at the decision making levels, the functional expertise of the BBS personnel will foster turn around solutions and Corporate long term strategies.



BBS Plus offers tailor made internal audit solutions with focus on adequacy of internal controls for mitigation of risks and to ensure that governance processes are effective and efficient .BBS Plus helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. This will inter alia cover operational efficiencies, asset utilisation areas ,compliance etc.


Cost of finance happens to be the single most item of expenditure other than raw material which has the maximum impact on profitability. Many a times, entrepreneurs are reconciled to the fact that this is not within their purview from the control point of view.Yes ,may be they are not in a position to impact its incidence. But careful planning and restructuring with the help of an expert would reduce the impact of interest cost.BBS Plus helps clients in this with the expertise that it has developed with the exposure to the Banking industry